Peace 🌺 during the Storm :: a poem by S.J.

Waves 🌊 are rocking.
Wind 💨is blowing.
Sky is cloudy🌪☁️💨.
Rootedness 🌲is not easy.
Panic 😷 rises

I stop, take a moment, a breath, and observe🐇.
I see the dark 🌪cloudy 🌨sky.
I hear the howl of the 💨wind.
I taste the uncertainty😐.
I feel the collective fear⚠️, isolation🚫, desperation 🆘.
I smell the storm⛈
I sense the panic⚡️.

I close my eyes and imagine 🕉.
I see new horizons 🌅.
I hear peace 🎶🕊☮️.
I taste renewal🌈.
I feel love♥️, collaboration💬, connection🔄💞💟.
I smell clean air🌳.
I sense possibility🐛🦋.

Waves 🌊 subside💧.
Wind 💨 becomes soft 🌸.
Sun ☀️ emerges and shines.
Relief🙏 accompanies centeredness🦚.
Peace within💝, peace to all.
I proceed 👣in peace🌄.