We are in this together

We are in this together, connected through the great web of Life. This too, shall pass. With any challenges right now, take it day by day and breath by breath. With any blessings and goodness, enjoy every sweet, irreplaceable moment.

As a Team Lead for the Bainbridge Prepares Wellness Team, I am offering FREE wellness services to First Responders which include healthcare/medical and mental health personnel, fire, police, etc. I am also offering discounts to ANYONE going through financial hardship due to COVID-19 and essential workers .

On my Classes & Offerings page, you will find complimentary weekly Yin Yoga classes and a EFT tapping circle via Zoom. All the modalities I use in my practice help the body, mind, spirit reside in a calm, relaxed, strong state of being to build resilience, a strong immune system, and help you feel like yourSelf.

These current times have given me even more reason and opportunity to practice mindfulness throughout the day.  After my morning meditation I set an intention for the day like Balance, Centeredness, Truth, Flexibility, Creativity, the list is limitless!

Something from my Wilderness First Responder training I am also reminding myself of on a daily basis in how I respond is:
“Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” Remember to practice S.T.O.P. moment to moment….
+ Stop
+ Take a Breath
+ Open and Observe
+ Proceed

Find out more about Bainbridge Prepares’ COVID-19 response.