Classes & Offerings


Weekly Yoga Classes:  Hatha Yoga (all levels) Thursdays 9:00am-10:15am & Yin Yoga (all levels) Tuesdays 3:30-4:45pm & Thursdays 10:30-12pm  at Dayaalu Center: The Hatha yoga class focuses on breath, fluidity, and physical postures (asana).  Yin yoga is on the floor the whole time, a stiller, more restorative class where postures are held 3-5 minutes with the support of props for all body types with a focus on applying mindfulness throughout the practice.  After the Yin postures there is a 20 minute yoga nidra practice on new & full moon weeks (approximately twice a month).  Modifications are given for all levels. Drop in or use your Dayaalu punchcard.  Find out more at: Dayaalu Center.

Monthly Meridian Based EFT Tapping Circle. Saturdays 1:30-3:00pm   (4/13, & 5/11/19) at Dayaalu Center: This monthly circle is open to those who have some experience with tapping or are curious and new to tapping.  Have you learned EFT tapping and want support to be inspired to continue, or want to know more about this technique?  This class meets for an hour and a half.   Drop in is $20 or use your Dayaalu punchcard.  Find out more at: Dayaalu Center.

I recently suffered from frozen shoulder, a very painful and debilitating idiopathic disorder, that severely restricts shoulder and upper body movement. I lived with chronic pain for 9 months which significantly restricted my ability to exercise, work, and complete even the simplest tasks of everyday living. I received months of physical therapy and massage with no therapeutic effect. I was discouraged and ready to give up when Susan suggested I try using EFT.

After two one hour sessions with Susan I was thrilled to experience a significant lessening of shoulder pain and a gradual but steady increase in range of motion. With consistent use of EFT over time,  my shoulder pain lessened each week and movement returned to near normal. I am convinced my sessions with Susan and the EFT techniques she taught me helped to increase positive energy flow which helped my body turn the corner toward health. Thank you, Susan!
~ J.H.

ThetaHealing® Technique Classes for Basic, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Plant, Animal. Please see my ThetaHealing Technique page for details.

EFT Tapping Series – Next series offered in the Fall 2019    Empower yourself by adding the gift of meridian-based tapping to your health and wellness toolbox!  Through this experiential class with others you can create significant, lasting change by rewiring your subconscious.  Participants will develop greater self awareness and ways to effectively eliminate resistance and blockages that often hold us back from living the life we love.  This class meets over three weeks to help you integrate this new technique into your life.  $100 for the series or drop in is $40 per class. For more details & class registration email me at

Individual Holistic EFT Coaching Sessions. In addition to Circle of Life™ individual coaching, I also offer meridian-based tapping called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) coaching sessions to help heal yourself from subconscious and conscious limiting beliefs, judgments, stress and anxiety, and physical ailments. Initial sessions are one hour. After a coaching relationship is established, you can request the sessions to be reduced to 30 minutes if they are by phone or video conference. $100 per hour session.

What I liked the most about the Circle process is that it can be applied over and over again in the many phases of life.  I have a plan for action now, and this process has helped me take tangible steps to meet my goal!  Susan was empathic, appreciating the different challenges each participant was facing and treated us equally.

Energy Work Individual Sessions. Increase your flow of chi in your body, balance, recharge, and revitalize your field, clear blockages and old beliefs, and support healing your body/mind/spirit with this noninvasive treatment.   $100 exchange per 1 hour session (scholarships also available).  It involves supporting, clearing, opening, and energizing one’s energy centers and the different layers of one’s field to promote well being.  Energy work (depending on the kind you choose) can also help release and resolve blocks at the core level, history level, genetic level, and soul level.  I practice ThetaHealing®, LifeForce Energy Healing™, Holistic EFT , and Emotion Code, and also tuning forks.

Being introduced to ThetaHealing® with Susan is like unlocking the long sought after tools to heal, grow, evolve and love that you have always had. It is a gift to myself, and those around me. Simple yet profoundly powerful-the depth and ease with which the theta healing works is unlike anything I have experienced. I’m immensely grateful and excited to have this way of working as part of my life.
~  Individual client and Basic ThetaHealing® student

The different energy healing modalities are offered to help meet you where you are at taking you to the next level of health, healing, consciousness, or whatever you be looking to achieve.    Please contact me directly for scheduling and more information.

Fantastic Fermentation (with Nicole Kraft) – NEXT CLASS tbd. Would you like to learn how to and the benefits of creating fermented veggies, kefir, beet kvass, water kefir, or kombucha?  Come join us for the fun of fermenting! Please email me if you are interested at

Knowing and Listening to Your Energy Body – Summer 2019 Do you sometimes wish you had more energy or did not take on the energy of others?  Learn how to manage and enhance your own energy effectively, so you are in your natural state!  This is a class that introduces the concept of energy medicine exercises for optimal health and wellness.  Techniques such as visualization, asana, qi gong, progressive relaxation, chakra balancing, meridian based tapping, clearing trapped emotions,  mudras, mantra, and other energy exercises.  Learn techniques to center, purify, increase your energy, de-stress, and more!  Please email me if you are interested at