We are in this together, all connected through the great web of Life.  This too, shall pass.  With any challenges right now, take it day by day and breath by breath.  With any blessings and goodness, enjoy every sweet, irreplaceable moment.

I am offering FREE wellness services to First Responders which includes medical and mental health personnel, fire, police, etc.

I am also offering discounts to anyone going through financial hardship due to COVID-19 .

I have complimentary weekly Yin Yoga classes and a weekly EFT tapping circle via Zoom (go to classes/offerings page).  All of the modalities I use in my practice help the body, mind, spirit reside in a calm, relaxed, strong state of being to build resilience, a strong immune system, and help you feel like yourSelf.

I also am a Team Lead for the Bainbridge Prepares Wellness Team.  Find out more about COVID-19 response of Bainbridge Prepares here: https://bainbridgeislandcovid19.recovers.org

Susan is blessed with the gift of healing.  She is compassionate, intuitive, and a knowledgeable practitioner.  Each time I work with Susan I leave my sessions feeling more balanced, energized, and lovingly cared for. In fact, her energy clearing sessions are one of the most effective sessions I have ever had.  I would highly recommend working with Susan. You’ll love her.
~ Mary S.








These current times have given me even more reason and opportunity to practice mindfulness throughout the day.  After my morning meditation I set an intention for the day like Balance, Centeredness, Truth, Flexibility, Creativity, the list is limitless!

Something from my Wildnerness First Responder training I am also reminding myself of on a daily basis in how I respond is:
“Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

Remember to  practice S.T.O.P moment to moment….
Stop, Take a Breath, Open & Observe, Proceed

Peace 🌺 during the Storm  by S.J.
Waves 🌊 are rocking.
Wind 💨is blowing.
Sky is cloudy🌪☁️💨.
Rootedness 🌲is not easy.
Panic 😷 rises

I stop, take a moment, a breath, and observe🐇.
I see the dark 🌪cloudy 🌨sky.
I hear the howl of the 💨wind.
I taste the uncertainty😐.
I feel the collective fear⚠️, isolation🚫, desperation 🆘.
I smell the storm⛈
I sense the panic⚡️.

I close my eyes and imagine 🕉.
I see new horizons 🌅.
I hear peace 🎶🕊☮️.
I taste renewal🌈.
I feel love♥️, collaboration💬, connection🔄💞💟.
I smell clean air🌳.
I sense possibility🐛🦋.

Waves 🌊 subside💧.
Wind 💨 becomes soft 🌸.
Sun ☀️ emerges and shines.
Relief🙏 accompanies centeredness🦚.
Peace within💝, peace to all.
I proceed 👣in peace🌄.

In the Circle of Life group I enjoyed the accountability and time with others who are ready for in depth connections.  Susan is able to keep me focused and has a gentle spirit, inspiring trust.
~ Karen R.

The holistic health and energy coaching I offer is tailored to meet the needs of groups, individuals, organizations, and families. The process is designed to teach practical stress mastery skills, as well as tools for achieving lasting desired changes.

Sessions can be in person, via email, Zoom, phone, or a combination of these modes.

Without reservation, I would recommend Susan for her support as a Health and Wellness coach, her Circle of Life classes, EFT training, and energy work.  My experience of Susan is she is kind and caring, insightful and sensitive, supportive and willing to motivate to keep things moving.  Susan walks her talk, and is truly an inspiration and role model for excellent self care, including stress mastery, nutrition, exercise.

I have found her to have wonderful expertise in many areas that support continued growth and healing.  Susan has a way about her and seems to sense what is called for in any given moment or session.  At times, when I have been discouraged, Susan seems to know what to say to help me shift things and move on.  If you are healing or want to transform your life, do yourself a favor and receive what Susan has to offer.
~ Client of individual, group, EFT, and energy work coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) With Health & Energy Coaching, I often use the benefits of the easy-to-use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in my practice. This is just one example of the many modalities I offer.  In your journey of wellness, EFT can be incredibly useful to enhance one’s health by helping free one’s:

  • mind (limiting beliefs or judgments),
  • emotions (i.e. stress, anxiety),
  • spirit (i.e. connection to true self and others), and
  • body (physical ailments),

…which all support optimal well being! I’ve taught EFT to clients to help remove negative emotions/stress, resolve limiting beliefs, eliminate pain, and implement positive goals into their lifestyle. Sometimes called psychological acupressure, EFT is a self-administered tapping technique based on the same energy meridians used in acupuncture to treat physical and emotional illnesses with simple (and painless!) tapping on different acupressure points with your fingertips.  I offer an EFT class which meets consecutively for four weeks called Tapping for Wellness.  I also host a monthly Meridian Based Tapping EFT circle at the Dayaalu Center.

Susan has individually coached me with EFT on a wide variety of areas – from a serious sports injury to stress mastery and spirituality. At the beginning, she even helped me break through feeling guilty about having a focus of self care in my life! Through the application of techniques like breathing and meditation, she’s helped me achieve balance both at work and home. Individual health coach sessions with Susan are well worth the time and highly recommended!
~ S.J.

The kinetic energy applied to specific meridians while you vocalize positive affirmations becomes an empowering and effective remedy in your Health & Wellness toolkit. This action-thought combination can quickly clear emotional blockages from your bioenergy, restoring balance to your mind and body. For more information on EFT, please see this excellent summary by Dr. Mercola.


*Please see the other pages on this website for information about my training and other services offered (ThetaHealing®, yoga, MBSR, Emotion Code™, LifeForce™ Energy Healing).

Is there an area of your life – stress mastery, health care, nutrition, exercise, spirituality,  life purpose – that needs immediate attention?

Contact:  Please let me know how I can assist you. The fastest way to reach me is via email at susan@susanjames.me or by phone at (206) 972-3530.  I look forward to speaking with you soon, and I wish you much success on your journey!