If you could change anything in your life, what would it be? Are you on a journey of self discovery, purposeful intent, transformation, or healing? Beauty is constant and is always around and within us.  Sometimes when in transition – whether is it focusing self care or healing, support is needed in the process.  I am available to come alongside you to help guide you “home” as you implement the desired changes that nourish your authentic self.  Health and Wellness Coaching is a way to become all that you are meant to become and maximize personal effectiveness.

websize_9072In addition to being a certified Health and Wellness coach, I am an international Board Certified Coach.  I also offer a variety of energy healing modalities within the Health and Wellness Coaching.  I am a  Holistic EFT Practitioner, ThetaHealing® Technique Practitioner and Instructor, LifeForce Energy Healer™, certified Emotion Code™ PractitionerVirtual Gastric Band Practitioner, and a  licensed clinical Social Worker. Circle of Life Coaching The type of  coaching I offer can include a Circle of Life™ process which means we evaluate the full spectrum of one’s life, from nutrition and exercise to life purpose and spirituality. My role is to foster this process with you and bring forth the “power, strengths, and inner wisdom” of a group or individual clients. The Circle of Life process is holistic including twelve different life areas: Nutrition & Diet, Exercise & Fitness, Stress Mastery, Relationships & Family, Work & Career, Financial Health, Creativity & Play, Health Care, Environment, Emotions & Self Esteem, Life Purpose & Service, and Spirituality with Self Care as an integral part of each life area. Circle of Life

No matter where you are, or what challenges you face, the Circle of Life coaching process will help you identify your strengths, define your goals, and move forward in life. People from all walks of life have found the Circle of Life system to be effective and personally rewarding.  Corporate executives, parents, medical professionals, social workers, teachers, students, business teams, senior citizens, ministry professionals, therapists and other  professionals have all experienced breakthroughs in their lives and work.

The holistic health coaching I do can be tailored to groups, individuals, schools, businesses, organizations, and families. Circle of Life classes generally meet over a two to four month period of time, in a variety of formats to meet client needs.  The process is designed to teach practical stress mastery skills, as well as tools for achieving lasting change.  Participants enjoy the support of their peers and benefit from shared resources and experiences. Individual coaching and wellness consulting is also available.  A more customized approach is an effective way to encourage change, move through obstacles, and achieve your goals.  Coaching sessions can be in person, via email, skype, phone, or a combination of these modes.

As your Health & Wellness Coach, below is an example of how I can assist you in a Six-Phase Approach to:

  1. Learn an intention; recognize challenges and strengths
  2. Clarify and set goals along with affirmations
  3. Schedule realistic action steps,
  4. Review and set your own custom process,
  5. Set-up accountability, and
  6. Engage in an effective and supportive personal improvement process that will take you from where you are to where you want to be!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) As a holistic Health Coach, I often use the benefits of the easy-to-use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in my practice here on Bainbridge Island. In your journey towards holistic wellness, EFT is very useful to enhance one’s health by freeing one’s

  • mind (i.e. limiting beliefs or judgments),
  • emotions (i.e. stress, anxiety),
  • spirit (i.e. connection to true self and others), and
  • body (physical ailments),

…which all support optimal well being! I’ve taught EFT to clients to help remove negative emotions/stress, eliminate pain, and implement positive goals into their lifestyle. Sometimes called psychological acupressure, EFT is a self-administered tapping technique based on the same energy meridians used in acupuncture to treat physical and emotional illnesses with simple (and painless!) tapping on different acupressure points with your fingertips.  I offer an EFT class which meets consecutively for four weeks.  I also host a monthly Meridian Based Tapping EFT circle.

The kinetic energy applied to specific meridians while you vocalize positive affirmations becomes an empowering and effective remedy in your Health & Wellness toolkit. This action-thought combination can quickly clear emotional blockages from your bioenergy, restoring balance to your mind and body. For more information on EFT, please see this excellent summary by Dr. Mercola. How Can I Assist You? Is there an area of your life – nutrition, stress mastery, health care, life purpose – that needs immediate attention?  Please let me know how I can assist you. The fastest way to reach me is via email at susan (at) susanjames (dot) me. I look forward to speaking with you soon, and I wish you much success on your personal journey of health and wellness!