Susan James, BCC, MSSW, LICSW

If you could change anything in your life, what would it be? Are you on a journey of self discovery, purposeful intent, transformation, or healing? Beauty is constant and is always around and within us.

Susan is blessed with the gift of healing.  She is compassionate, intuitive, and a knowledgeable practitioner.  Each time I work with Susan I leave my sessions feeling more balanced, energized, and lovingly cared for. In fact, her energy clearing sessions are one of the most effective sessions I have ever had.  I would highly recommend working with Susan. You’ll love her.
~ Mary S.

Sometimes when in transition – whether is it focusing self care or healing, support is needed in the process.  I am available to come alongside you to help guide you “home” as you implement the desired changes that nourish your authentic self.  Health and Energy Coaching is a way to become all that you are meant to become and maximize personal effectiveness.

No matter where you are, or what challenges you face, the Circle of Life coaching process will help you identify your strengths, define your goals, and move forward in life. People from all walks of life have found the Circle of Life system to be effective and personally rewarding.  Corporate executives, parents, medical professionals, social workers, teachers, students, business teams, senior citizens, ministry professionals, therapists and other  professionals have all experienced breakthroughs in their lives and work.


In the Circle of Life group I enjoyed the accountability and time with others who are ready for in depth connections.  Susan is able to keep me focused and has a gentle spirit, inspiring trust.
~ Karen R.

The holistic health & energy coaching I do can be customized to meet the needs of groups, individuals, schools, businesses, organizations, and families. Circle of Life classes generally meet over a two to four month period of time, in a variety of formats to meet client needs.  The process is designed to teach practical stress mastery skills, as well as tools for achieving lasting change.

The collective energy as a group, the inspiration from Susan and other members helped me meet my goals by being accountable and partnered up.  Susan gently encouraged us to share but did not make it seem like we had to.  She created a safe environment to share stories and to provide feedback for one another.  I have a better sense of self and realize how important and essential self care is and how it affects the different aspects of life and the people in our circle.
~ Dinah S.

Participants enjoy the support of their peers and benefit from shared resources and experiences. Individual coaching and wellness consulting is also available.  A more customized approach is an effective way to encourage change, move through obstacles, and achieve your goals.  Coaching sessions can be in person, via email, skype, phone, or a combination of these modes.

As your Health & Wellness Coach, below is an example of how I can assist you in a Six-Phase Approach to:

  1. Learn an intention; recognize challenges and strengths
  2. Clarify and set goals along with affirmations
  3. Schedule realistic action steps,
  4. Review and set your own custom process,
  5. Set-up accountability, and
  6. Engage in an effective and supportive personal improvement process that will take you from where you are to where you want to be!


Without reservation, I would recommend Susan for her support as a Health and Wellness coach, her Circle of Life classes, EFT training, and energy work.  My experience of Susan is she is kind and caring, insightful and sensitive, supportive and willing to motivate to keep things moving.  Susan walks her talk, and is truly an inspiration and role model for excellent self care, including stress mastery, nutrition, exercise.

I have found her to have wonderful expertise in many areas that support continued growth and healing.  Susan has a way about her and seems to sense what is called for in any given moment or session.  At times, when I have been discouraged, Susan seems to know what to say to help me shift things and move on.  If you are healing or want to transform your life, do yourself a favor and receive what Susan has to offer.
~ Client of individual, group, EFT, and energy work coaching

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) With Health & Energy Coaching, I often use the benefits of the easy-to-use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in my practice here on Bainbridge Island. This is an example of just one of the energy work modalities I offer.  In your journey towards holistic wellness, EFT is very useful to enhance one’s health by freeing one’s

  • mind (i.e. limiting beliefs or judgments),
  • emotions (i.e. stress, anxiety),
  • spirit (i.e. connection to true self and others), and
  • body (physical ailments),

…which all support optimal well being! I’ve taught EFT to clients to help remove negative emotions/stress, eliminate pain, and implement positive goals into their lifestyle. Sometimes called psychological acupressure, EFT is a self-administered tapping technique based on the same energy meridians used in acupuncture to treat physical and emotional illnesses with simple (and painless!) tapping on different acupressure points with your fingertips.  I offer an EFT class which meets consecutively for four weeks called Tapping for Wellness.  I also host a monthly Meridian Based Tapping EFT circle at the Dayaalu Center.


Susan has individually coached me with EFT on a wide variety of areas – from a serious sports injury to stress mastery and spirituality. At the beginning, she even helped me break through feeling guilty about having a focus of self care in my life! Through the application of techniques like breathing and meditation, she’s helped me achieve balance both at work and home. Individual health coach sessions with Susan are well worth the time and highly recommended!
~ S.J.

The kinetic energy applied to specific meridians while you vocalize positive affirmations becomes an empowering and effective remedy in your Health & Wellness toolkit. This action-thought combination can quickly clear emotional blockages from your bioenergy, restoring balance to your mind and body. For more information on EFT, please see this excellent summary by Dr. Mercola. Please see my other pages on this website for information about my training and other energy healing modalities (i.e. ThetaHealing®).

Is there an area of your life – nutrition, stress mastery, health care, life purpose – that needs immediate attention?  Please let me know how I can assist you. The fastest way to reach me is via email at susan (at) susanjames (dot) me. I look forward to speaking with you soon, and I wish you much success on your personal journey of optimal health and healing!

About Me

I am an alchemist for love, growth, transmutation, and healing.  We all have the capacity to access our healer within and do our own alchemy.

I am much more aware of what and when I need to ground myself.  Now I have good exercises to calm myself when stressed.  Susan is incredibly open and non-judgmental. Thank you!
~ Stephanie D.

I personally have the life long intention of growing, expanding, and becoming more light-filled in ways that will benefit myself and the web of life we are all connected to.   Awareness and consciousness are a big part of my own personal development work.  The type of wellness coaching I offer entails being empowered to make desired, healthy lifestyle changes through a mode of extreme self care and awareness.  I personally practice this as well because it brings about a greater balance (“sattva”) and happiness in my own life!  Harnessing the values that inspire intrinsically like personal growth, relationships, and service can bring about remarkable changes.

I feel very lucky to have participated in Susan James’ Circle of Life group. Susan is a gifted leader and facilitator. She provided a receptive environment for the sharing of ideas and self-care techniques. At the beginning of each session she asked us to share our successes for the week which helped us to acknowledge the positive. I felt supported and inspired by Susan and the other group members to pursue the focus area of Life Purpose. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by choosing this area I felt excited to create the necessary framework to explore and accomplish my goals.
~ Pauline Simon

I find purpose and great joy assisting others in creating a life that is congruent to their authentic selves.  It is all within YOU; it is just a matter of discovering it!

Coaching and healing is about forward movement in one’s life to bring about positive and long lasting change.  What is it that you want in life, or are there areas of personal wellness you would like to be more successful in?  I regularly ask myself these questions.  Then I get to do the work to be to where I want to be, accompanied and surrounded with people who support me on this miraculous journey of life.

I have always enjoyed working directly with people.  In addition to being a certified Health and Wellness coach, I am an international Board Certified Coach.  I also offer a variety of energy work modalities within the Health and Wellness Coaching.  I am a  Holistic EFT Practitioner, Master of ThetaHealing®  Instructor, LifeForce Energy Healer™, certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner, 200 RYT® Yoga Instructor and a  licensed clinical Social Worker.

I was impressed by Susan’s focus and emotional clarity as I talked about deeply personal and emotional experiences that I’ve had. I felt that she was able to maintain a clarity of vision and accuracy of language as we interacted during the ThetaHealing® session. I look forward to having a session again with Susan one day, and I’ve found myself with lots of healing to integrate into my life after the session ended. The experience was extremely valuable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
~  Individual client

The type of mind-body coaching I offer – Health and Energy Coaching – is custom tailored to each person I work with.  It can include a Circle of Life™ process which means we evaluate the full spectrum of one’s life, from nutrition and exercise to life purpose and spirituality. My role is to foster this process with you and bring forth the “power, strengths, and inner wisdom” specific to you. The Circle of Life process is holistic including twelve different life areas: Nutrition & Diet, Exercise & Fitness, Stress Mastery, Relationships & Family, Work & Career, Financial Health, Creativity & Play, Health Care, Environment, Emotions & Self Esteem, Life Purpose & Service, and Spirituality with Self Care as an integral part of each life area.

My first career was as a licensed clinical Social Worker.  Besides being a therapist and special needs adoption social worker, the last social work position I held was at Helpline House here on Bainbridge Island.  It is easy for me to maintain my various certifications and social work license since I love learning.   I maintain my license as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) for the state of Washington which requires a Master of Social work, supervisory hours in a clinical practice, and completing 36 “Continuing Education Units” every two years.  Having been in social work I recognize a need for a holistic approach to support lasting change in one’s life.  I have always operated from a “strengths perspective” seeing people as whole, healed, divine beings, and with strengths that can propel them to where they want to be.  My passions of health/wellness and self-empowerment are partly what led me to this coaching and healing practice.  One of the greatest challenges that we all face at times in our lives is living a happy, healthy, peace-filled life – one that is more balanced, in alignment, full of ease, and more fulfilled!

Going through the Circle of Life process helped me be honest with myself. It is a hands on, proactive approach to positive change! Susan is an avid listener and compassionate.
~ L.P.

My Health & Wellness journey became more  intentional in the last 17 years after my first child was born.  Before that I had neglected my internal well being and self care, so I got a wake up call.   Becoming a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach transpired from healing in my own life.  At one point I was challenged with having bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, a torn meniscus, candida overgrowth, a severe b12 deficiency, and adrenal fatigue – all overlapping in the same year! As I was healing my body from each of these layers, I also healed and rewired my mind and ultimately renewed my spirit.  With every thought we have there is a physical/emotional/mental/ & spiritual impact.  Since then I continue to practice self compassion and also be  open to learning various healing modalities.

I believe that health, wholeness, repatterning, and healing are accessible to everyone.  My desire is to assist empowering others to experience their lives to the fullest.  Being board certified as a coach means that my work is accredited and validated by outside bodies other than myself.  It also means that I adhere to a strong Code of Ethics.

What an amazing experience our group had doing a Circle of Life exercise with you. I totally see how the only way that someone can “get” what you offer is by experiencing it.

I have to tell you that doing the Circle of Life really impacted me. I can’t tell you how many times since then I’ve thought about the fact that “Life Purpose & Spirituality” came out as strong as they did. For years I was clear that I was fulfilling one of my life’s purposes with my family, but I never felt that about my work. Not until yesterday have I really seen how much that area of my life is now really thriving.

The other huge gift that you offered is to help us focus on how our strengths strengthen our weaknesses. So many of us (certainly I) think that focusing on our weaknesses will help us strengthen them. After lots of years of doing that I can say with authority that that is not how I move forward in my life. Your model is SO MUCH more powerful.

I am grateful that my clients and coaches got to experience that with you.
~ Ann Whitmore


That is why I have completed the certification process for Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching program as well as attained the International Board Certified Coach credential.  I believe that professional accountability and ethics in any practice are important.  I also get to keep up this “Board Coaching Certification” with 70 continuing education hours every 5 years.  I am continually pursuing new tools, knowledge, and techniques in the area of health and wellness.

I also am a LifeForce™ Energy Healing Practitioner, a certified Holistic EFT Practitioner, a certified Emotion Code™ Practitioner, and a Certified ThetaHealer® and Master of ThetaHealing® .  The ThetaHealing® classes I have completed are: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Basic DNA Instructor, Advanced DNA Instructor, Intuitive Anatomy, DNA 3, Planes of Existence, Game of Life, Manifesting and Abundance, Manifesting and Abundance Instructor, Dig Deeper, Dig Deeper Instructor, World Relations, Plant & Animal, Plant & Animal Instructor, Disease and Disorder, Rainbow Children Instructor, You and Your Significant Other, and Intuitive Anatomy Instructor course.

I have also completed my Permaculture Design Certification at the Bullocks Homestead on Orcas Island and the 200 RYT® yoga instructor training from 8 Limbs Yoga in Seattle.  I am currently enrolled in a 500 RYT® yoga teaching training.

As a board certified Circle of Life health coach, I can come alongside you as you desire to make improvements to your health, healing, and holistic wellness.  Health & Energy coaching assists in leading you to live your life to the fullest, helping you get the most out of  your life!

Some of my current passions include: being in outside in nature,  meditation, yoga, energy healing, sustainable living, animals, expressive movement, travel, ayurveda, hiking and exploring, earth stewardship, social justice, life long learning, permaculture/growing food, cultivating playfulness, creating sacred art, and deepening meaningful connections.

The accountability, group support, and being able to tailor and revise our weekly goals I enjoyed the most about the Circle of Life group process. Susan provided us with wonderful listening, positive encouragement, and kept us on track, and motivated. We were able to keep feeling good about every little forward movement! She is wonderful!
~ Tricia K.

Consider these questions….

  • Do you desire greater balance or harmony in your life?
  • Do you feel like life is passing you by or moving quickly?
  • Are you having trouble finding time for YOU?
  • Does everyone else come first?
  • Are you wanting to heal yourself and become clearer?
  • Do you know your life purpose?
  • Have you found yourself asking “Is this all there is to life”?
  • Do you remember how to and do you practice play?
  • Are you using your gifts, talents, and skills to the extent you want?
  • Would you like to have peace and joy in your life?
  • Are you willing to take on the challenge of looking inward?
  • Are you ready to change?

If any of these questions resonate with you, please let me know how I can assist you in your journey of holistic wellness. The fastest way to reach me is via email at susan (at) susanjames (dot) me. I look forward to speaking with you soon, and I wish you much discovery, success, and flow on your sacred journey!

Classes & Offerings


Classes are held at the Dayaalu Center:

Intuitive Flow Yoga (all levels) weekly on Thursdays 9:00am-10:15am
In this class you get to tap into your intuitive flow of asana! Often we might go to yoga classes and do the poses, but are they the right poses at the right time? In this class, you can hone the inner wisdom of what is right for you in your your yoga practice. New to yoga, or haven’t done yoga for awhile? All are welcome. You will be guided into an enjoyable flow of movement that is right for your body regardless of where you are at. Modifications are given for all levels.  Drop in or use your Dayaalu punchcard.  Find out more at: Dayaalu Center.

Mind Body Wellness Series
Next offered February 2020
In this 4 part 90 minute class there will be a variety of stress reduction strategies, nutrition tips, mind body exercises, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, and more! Each week a new topic will be introduced to help create equanimity and longevity for healthy living. This class is geared toward those who want to bring greater balance into their lives through understanding the Mind-Body Connection.  Participants sit comfortably either in chairs or on the floor to incorporate new wellness tools for their Self Care toolbox. Sign up for the series or drop in for any class using your Dayaalu punchcard.  Find out more at: Dayaalu Center.

Yin Yoga with Gong weekly on Tuesdays 3:30-4:45pm (all levels)
Yin Yoga weekly on Thursdays 10:30-11:45am (all levels)
Yin yoga involves stillness, receiving, and being.  The postures are all taken either seated or lying on the floor. This is a more restorative class that focuses on toning of the vagus nerve in which postures are held for 3-5 minutes with or without the support of props. Yin is for all body types with a focus on applying mindfulness throughout the practice.  After the Yin asana practice there is a 20 minute yoga nidra practice on new & full moon weeks (approximately twice a month).  Modifications are given for all levels. Drop in or use your Dayaalu punchcard.  Find out more at: Dayaalu Center.

Monthly  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Circle
Saturdays 1:30-3:00pm    12/14, & 1/18 at Dayaalu Center:
This monthly circle is open to those who have some experience with acupressure tapping or are curious and new to EFT tapping.  Have you learned EFT tapping and want support to be inspired to continue, or want to know more about this technique?  This class meets for an hour and a half.   Drop in is $20 or use your Dayaalu punchcard.  Find out more at: Dayaalu Center.

I recently suffered from frozen shoulder, a very painful and debilitating idiopathic disorder, that severely restricts shoulder and upper body movement. I lived with chronic pain for 9 months which significantly restricted my ability to exercise, work, and complete even the simplest tasks of everyday living. I received months of physical therapy and massage with no therapeutic effect. I was discouraged and ready to give up when Susan suggested I try using EFT.

After two one hour sessions with Susan I was thrilled to experience a significant lessening of shoulder pain and a gradual but steady increase in range of motion. With consistent use of EFT over time,  my shoulder pain lessened each week and movement returned to near normal. I am convinced my sessions with Susan and the EFT techniques she taught me helped to increase positive energy flow which helped my body turn the corner toward health. Thank you, Susan!
~ J.H.

ThetaHealing® Technique Classes for Basic, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Plant, Animal. Please see my ThetaHealing Technique page for details.

EFT Tapping for Wellness Series
(Next offered in January 2020)
Empower yourself by adding the gift of meridian-based tapping to your health and wellness toolbox!  Through this experiential class with others you can create significant, lasting change by rewiring your subconscious.  Participants will develop greater self awareness and ways to effectively eliminate resistance and blockages that often hold us back from living the life we love.  This class meets over three weeks to help you integrate this new technique into your life.  For more details & class registration email me at susan@susanjames.me.

Full Moon Ommersions beginning January 2020
(at the Dayaalu Center)
Friday January 10th 7-9pm
Sunday Feb 9th 7-9pm
Monday March 9th 7-9pm
Sunday April 7th 6:30-8:30pm
Monday May 7th 7-9pm

Individual Holistic EFT Coaching Sessions. In addition to Circle of Life™ individual coaching, I also offer meridian-based tapping called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) coaching sessions to help heal yourself from subconscious and conscious limiting beliefs, judgments, stress and anxiety, and physical ailments. Initial sessions    are one hour. After a coaching relationship is established, you can request the sessions to be reduced to 30 minutes if they are by phone or video conference. $100 per hour session.

What I liked the most about the Circle process is that it can be applied over and over again in the many phases of life.  I have a plan for action now, and this process has helped me take tangible steps to meet my goal!  Susan was empathic, appreciating the different challenges each participant was facing and treated us equally.

Energy Work Individual Sessions. Increase your flow of Qi in your body, balance, recharge, and revitalize your field, clear blockages and old beliefs, and support healing your body/mind/spirit with this noninvasive treatment.   $100 exchange per 1 hour session (scholarships also available).  Sessions involve supporting, clearing, opening, and energizing one’s energy centers and the different layers of one’s field to promote well being.  Energy work (depending on the kind you choose) can also help release and resolve blocks at the core level, history level, genetic level, and soul level.  I practice ThetaHealing®, LifeForce Energy Healing™, Holistic EFT , and Emotion Code, and sound healing.

Being introduced to ThetaHealing® with Susan is like unlocking the long sought after tools to heal, grow, evolve and love that you have always had. It is a gift to myself, and those around me. Simple yet profoundly powerful-the depth and ease with which the theta healing works is unlike anything I have experienced. I’m immensely grateful and excited to have this way of working as part of my life.
~  Individual client and Basic ThetaHealing® student

The different energy healing modalities are offered to help meet you where you are at taking you to the next level of health, healing, consciousness, or whatever you be looking to achieve.    Please contact me directly for scheduling and more information. Individiual sessions held at 533 Madison AVE N, Suite F, Bainbridge Island, WA, by phone, or via Zoom.

Knowing and Listening to Your Energy Body – February 2020 (dates tbd)
Do you sometimes wish you had more energy or did not take on the energy of others?  Learn how to manage and enhance your own energy effectively, so you are in your natural state of being!  This is a class that introduces the concept of energy medicine exercises for optimal health and wellness.  Techniques such as visualization, asana, qi gong, progressive relaxation, chakra balancing, meridian based tapping, clearing trapped emotions,  mudras, mantra, and other energy exercises.  Learn techniques to center, purify, increase your energy, de-stress, and more!  Please email me if you are interested at susan@susanjames.me.

ThetaHealing® Technique

Become a certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner to work with others by taking Basic DNA,  Advanced DNA,  and Dig DeeperThetaHealing®, or just learn this technique for yourself!  Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® classes are 3 days each.  Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Animal, or Plant classes are two days.  All seminars are held at my space 533 Madison AVE N, Suite F Bainbridge Island, WA.  **Please check directly with Susan when you register about the location of the ThetaHealing® seminar.

Susan is a phenomenal instructor of the ThetaHealing® technique.  She is just amazing. She has this absolutely beautiful aura that shines brilliantly. Her healing touch brings this warm familiar kind of comfort to her ThetaHealing practice. Anyone would be so blessed to have her as a healer and or teacher. She’s quite extraordinary.
~  Individual client and Advanced ThetaHealing® student

What is the ThetaHealing® Technique?

ThetaHealing® is a meditation technique developed by Vianna Stibal where the practitioner uses the Theta brainwave to positively change the mind, body, spirit of the client.  This Unconditional Love energy healing modality uses Creator energy of All That Is to help reach one’s fullest potential by removing any limiting subconscious beliefs at four levels: core, genetic, historical, and soul.

During a session the client is conscious and awake giving permission step by step for any changes they would like to receive.  It is a gentle, safe, and effective approach to improving one’s life by making changes at a cellular level that could be causing stress or disease in a person’s life.  It works complimentary with western/eastern medicine and can help heal physical ailments addressing the metaphysical cause of disease and pain.

ThetaHealing® is a simple, beautiful, and profound method of Energy Healing. If you’re curious–it’s here for you.
~ Sharon Eiler, MA, LMFT

Registration: please email me to register for any classes.

Payment: please pay for your sessions here.

ThetaHealing® Practitioner Monthly Circle:  $20
Location: 533 Madison AVE N, Suite F; Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

This is a circle held for those who have taken any ThetaHealing®classes to practice their skills and techniques taught in any of the ThetaHealing® classes.  This is being offered once a month on a Monday evening, 7-8:30pm and meets at Susan’s healing space (address above).  Please RSVP if you are planning on attending susan@susanjames.me.

Basic DNA ThetaHealing® class 2019
November 15-17 (9am-4pm daily)

Cost: $499. Partial scholarships available. Take an additional 10% off when you sign up for more than one class at the same time.

Basic DNA introduces ThetaHealing® technique, a remarkable energy healing modality that includes clearing and changing life patterns held in place at four different levels: core, genetic, historic, and soul.  A byproduct of the technique is that changes happen in a relaxed Theta brain wavelength state.  ThetaHealing® restructures the body/mind/spirit at deep subconscious and conscious levels!

Students will learn to identify their beliefs as well as practice pulling them with others in the seminar.  This practice also reveals systems of belief showing the body how to replace limiting beliefs or feelings with positive ones in order to reduce stress and promote health.

Topics that will be covered are:
•   ThetaHealing® technique.
•   Entering into the Theta brain wave state.
•   Four-Level belief work.
•   Pull and replace limiting beliefs on four levels.
•   Group healings.
•   Unconditional love healings.
•   Youth & Vitality DNA activation.
•   Energy breaks.
•   Guardian angel readings.
•   Manifestation.
•   Balancing your moods.
•   Seven planes of existence.
•   And more!

Seminar Includes:  Basic ThetaHealing® Book,  Manual, and Certificate

Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® class
January 11-12 (9am-4pm daily) 2020 
Cost: $499.  Partial scholarships available. Take an additional 10% off when you sign up for more than one class at the same time!

Prerequisite: Basic DNA ThetaHealing®. The Advanced ThetaHealing® Seminar expands the information in the Basic Seminar to encompass an in-depth understanding of all that surrounds us and for students to become more fluent in the ThetaHealing® technique.

The student will learn how to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold them back. The student will discover how to heal with new exercises such as “Heal the Broken Soul”.  The student will receive feelings and downloads that can bring about profound healing and deepened spiritual understanding.

In this seminar students are filled with many new and positive feelings such as knowing how to appreciate the now and what self acceptance feels like with being connected to Creator at all times.  This is the second foundational ThetaHealing® class that will help students be more able to use ThetaHealing in their everyday life as well as with others.

Seminar Includes: Advanced ThetaHealing® All That Is  book & ThetaHealing® Advanced Manual.

Dig Deeper ThetaHealing® seminar 2020 February 8-9 (9am-4pm daily):
Cost: $499.  Partial scholarships available. Take an additional 10% off when you sign up for more than one class at the same time!

Prerequisite: Basic DNA & Advanced DNA ThetaHealing. The Dig Deeper ThetaHealing® Seminar helps the student know how to better get to the bottom beliefs when practicing ThetaHealing® technique.   This is the third foundational ThetaHealing® class that will help students be more able to use ThetaHealing® in their everyday life as well as with others.

Seminar Includes:  ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Manual and Certificate



Manifesting & Abundance ThetaHealing® seminar 2020:
March 21-22 (9am-4pm daily)
Cost: $499.  Partial scholarships available. Take an additional 10% off when you sign up for more than one class at the same time!

In ThetaHealing®, the concept of manifesting is the belief that it is possible to create something into the physical using the connection to the Creator of All That Is. Every statement, thought and action is reflected by what we are manifesting in our lives. Every decision is made upon the mirror reflection of what we choose to create. What we think and say have a direct bearing upon whether our manifestations are for our benefit or detriment. If you constantly say that you are poor, you will be. If you constantly say and think that you are financially abundant, you will be. It is of the utmost importance to stay on a positive mind set.

The truth is that we are creating our own reality and it is possible to manifest the best that the world has to offer. But you must first decide what it is you want in your life. Do you have a dream of experiencing the life you want? Many have the dreams, but not the reality despite much searching.

This 2-day course uses an amazing questionnaire to assist you to find the many surprising and deeply hidden blocks standing between you and your goals. It shows you how to dig deep to clear them; teaches you about intention and Divine Timing, followed by how to make everything in your life work for you. You are then given all the positive new Feelings you need to establish abundance in your life.

Many people attempt to use ThetaHealing® or other modalities to “download” complete financial success without first identifying and clearing what may be blocking them in the first place. In this seminar you will learn how to clear possible blocks, how to make a plan,  set intentions, and follow through on ideas to achieve your successes. This is a universal tool of self-discovery to utilize your potential to become abundant in ALL aspects of your life. The ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance class includes:

• Manifesting Downloads in a Theta State
• How blocks on abundance are seldom about money
• Exercises to remove your blocks
• Exercise: Divine Timing
• Exercise: Remembering your Future
• Exercise: I am stuck exercise.
• Exercise: How to create your future from the Seventh Plane and manifesting in the highest and the best way
• Exercise: Bless your money

Seminar Includes: ThetaHeailng Manifesting and Abundance Manual and Manifesting from the 7th Plane Meditation CD.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper

Should you want to delve deeper into knowing about ThetaHealing®, you can learn more on the About page and the FAQ page here: http://www.thetahealing.com.

Registration & Payment

Registration: please email me to register for all classes and offerings.

Payment: Please click the session below for which you are paying; the link will take you through to PayPal to complete the transaction. Alternatively, you can or mail your check to:

Susan James
533 Madison AVE N, Suite F
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Whether you are interested in individual or group coaching, it is helpful for me to have some information before our first session together. Please take a few minutes to fill out the following information. All information is held strictly confidential.