Susan provided us with wonderful listening, positive encouragement, and kept us on track, and motivated.  We were able to keep feeling good about every little forward movement!  She is wonderful!
~ Tricia K.

The collective energy as a group, the inspiration from Susan and other members helped me meet my goals by being accountable and partnered up.  Susan gently encouraged us to share but did not make it seem like we had to.  She created a safe environment to share stories and to provide feedback for one another.  I have a better sense of self and realize how important and essential self care is and how it affects the different aspects of life and the people in our circle.

~ Dinah S.

Being introduced to ThetaHealing® with Susan is like unlocking the long sought after tools to heal, grow, evolve and love that you have always had.  It is a gift to myself, and those around me. Simple yet profoundly powerful-the depth and ease with which the theta healing works is unlike anything I have experienced.  I’m immensely grateful and excited to have this way of working as part of my life.

~  Individual client & Basic ThetaHealing® student 

Without reservation, I would recommend Susan for her support as a Health and Wellness coach, her Circle of Life classes, EFT training, and energy work.  My experience of Susan is she is kind and caring, insightful and sensitive, supportive and willing to motivate to keep things moving.  Susan walks her talk, and is truly an inspiration and role model for excellent self care, including stress mastery, nutrition, exercise.

I have found Susan to have wonderful expertise in many areas that support continued growth and healing.  Susan has a way about her and seems to sense what is called for in any given moment or session.  At times, when I have been discouraged, Susan seems to know what to say to help me shift things and move on.  If you are healing or want to transform your life, do yourself a favor and receive what Susan has to offer.

~ Individual, Group Coaching, EFT & Energy Work Client

ThetaHealing® is a simple, beautiful, and profound method of Energy Healing. If you’re curious–it’s here for you.

Sharon Eiler, MA, LMFT

What an amazing experience our group had doing a brief exercise of the Circle of Life with you. I totally see how the only way that someone can “get” what you offer is by experiencing it.

I have to tell you that doing the Circle of Life really impacted me. I can’t tell you how many times since then I’ve thought about the fact that Life Purpose & Spirituality came out as strong as they did. For years I was clear that I was fulfilling one of my life’s purposes with my family, but I never felt that about my work. Not until yesterday have I really seen how much that area of my life is now really thriving.

The other huge gift that you offered, as I mentioned at the group, is to help us focus on how our strengths strengthen our weaknesses. So many of us (certainly I) think that focusing on our weaknesses will help us strengthen them. After lots of years of doing that I can say with authority that that is not how I move forward in my life. Your model is SO MUCH more powerful.

I am grateful that my clients and coaches got to experience that with you.
~ Ann Whitmore

Susan is a phenomenal instructor of the ThetaHealing® technique.  She is just amazing. She has this absolutely beautiful aura that shines brilliantly. Her healing touch brings this warm familiar kind of comfort to her ThetaHealing practice. Anyone would be so blessed to have her as a healer and or teacher. She’s quite extraordinary. Blessings and love.

~  Individual client & Advanced ThetaHealing® student 

In the Circle of Life group I enjoyed the accountability and time with others who are ready for in depth connections.  Susan is able to keep me focused and has a gentle spirit, inspiring trust.

~ Karen R.

Susan is blessed with the gift of healing.  She is compassionate, intuitive, and a knowledgeable practitioner.  Each time I work with Susan I leave my sessions feeling more balanced, energized, and lovingly cared for. In fact, her energy clearing sessions are one of the most effective sessions I have ever had.  I would highly recommend Susan to work with.  You’ll love her.

~ Mary S.


I recently suffered from frozen shoulder, a very painful and debilitating idiopathic disorder, that severely restricts shoulder and upper body movement.  I lived with chronic pain for 9 months which significantly restricted my ability to exercise, work, and complete even the simplest tasks of everyday living.  I received months of physical therapy and massage with no therapeutic effect.  I was discouraged and ready to give up when Susan suggested I try using EFT.

After two one hour sessions with Susan I was thrilled to experience a significant lessening of shoulder pain and a gradual but steady increase in range of motion.  With consistent use of EFT over time,  my shoulder pain lessened each week and movement returned to near normal.  I am convinced my sessions with Susan and the EFT techniques she taught me helped to increase positive energy flow which helped my body turn the corner toward health.  Thanks Susan!

I was impressed by Susan’s focus and emotional clarity as I talked about deeply personal and emotional experiences that I’ve had. I felt that she was able to maintain a clarity of vision and accuracy of language as we interacted during the ThetaHealing® session.  I look forward to having a session again with Susan one day, and I’ve found myself with lots of healing to integrate into my life after the session ended.  The experience was extremely valuable, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
~  Individual client 

I am much more aware of what and when I need to ground myself.  Now I have good exercises to calm myself when stressed.  Susan is incredibly open and non-judgmental.  Thank you!
~ Stephanie D.

The accountability, group support, and being able to tailor and revise our weekly goals I enjoyed the most about the Circle of Life group process.

Going through the Circle of Life process helped me be honest with myself.  It is a hands on, proactive approach to positive change!  Susan is an avid listener & compassionate.

~ L.P.

I feel very lucky to have participated in Susan James’ Circle of Life group.  Susan is a gifted leader and facilitator.  She provided a receptive environment for the sharing of ideas and self-care techniques.  At the beginning of each session she asked us to share our successes for the week which helped us to acknowledge the positive.  I felt supported and inspired by Susan and the other group members to pursue the focus area of Life Purpose.  Rather than feeling overwhelmed by choosing this area I felt excited to create the necessary framework to explore and accomplish my goals.

~ Pauline Simon

Susan has individually coached me with EFT on a wide variety of areas – from a serious sports injury to stress mastery and spirituality. At the beginning, she even helped me break through feeling guilty about having a focus of self care in my life! Through the application of techniques like breathing and meditation, she’s helped me achieve balance both at work and home. Individual health coach sessions with Susan are well worth the time and highly recommended!
~ S.J.

What I liked the most about the Circle process is that it can be applied over and over again in the many phases of life.  I have a plan for action now, and this process has helped me take tangible steps to meet my goal!  Susan was empathic, appreciating the different challenges each participant was facing and treated us equally.


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