Fall Fungi

I have been syncing with the season of Fall and adjusting to the change in daylight.  For me this means an earlier bedtime (compared to summer), attention to routine, eating warmer foods, restorative hot baths, and more walks & yin yoga (instead of runs & vinyasa)!  In Ayurveda Fall and Winter are known as the “vata” seasons where the vata in all of us needs extra support and nourishing.  Ayurveda is an ancient Indian mind/body way of understanding and supporting one’s health.  Vata has the elements of air and space.  It is the dosha that can impact the other doshas; this means that when vata is out of balance (even if it is not your primary dosha) it can bring imbalance to the other doshas (pitta & kapha).  Slowing down can be helpful during this fall season so that that one does not accumulate too much “vata” which would create distress on the mind, body, spirit.

Is there a particular fall practice that you can incorporate into your life to nourish you in this season?

If you are interested in knowing more about Ayurveda or taking a dosha quiz you can check out these sites:

Banyan Botanicals dosha quiz  or Chopra Center dosha quiz

Meanwhile, enjoy the photos of the beautiful mushrooms.  Blessings & Beauty to all who read this!